Monday, 24 Jun 2024

The Story of the Fate of the Children of ISIS Members in Iraq



NEWS24.CO.ID -  Suffering for the sufferings of the children of ISIS members who live in fear. Since ISIS was repelled, retaliation from victims is not only for ISIS members but also threatens their children.

Six brothers who live without parents live secretly in a small apartment among strangers in this northern Iraqi city.

The "head of the family" in the house was a boy aged 18. He came out every morning looking for a day's work to pay for rent, and his 12-year-old brother acted as "mother." He cooked, cleaned and cared for the brothers his birth.

The village they came from was less than an hour away from the city, but they could not return. Shiite militias set fire to their homes because it was known that the father of the children was a member of ISIS. 

Children are afraid of retaliation by their former neighbors, which harms anger at the militant group who once ruled their home region.

So now, Suleiman's children are fighting themselves. Daddy is in prison. Their mother passed away many years ago. These children are traumatized by the death of a loved one in the war. At a temporary home to take shelter, they are haunted by anxiety that their new neighbors will know ISIS's relationship with their families.

"I'm tired," said Dawlat, a little girl in the house who was only 12 years old.

"My mother visited me in my dream. I was afraid when the electricity went out at night. I want my father and mother to be here next to me."

Thousands of children are members of the ISIS group, many are displaced, like the Dawlat family. 

The little girl herself is an innocent victim of Daesh's brutality and destruction, another name for the Islamic State Group of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).